Affiliate Marketing Club

You are an affiliate marketer, or you have your small online business website and are not getting the traffic you need. Maybe you are a singer/songwriter with videos on YouTube that are not getting enough views. Whatever the line of work you are in, getting views can frustrate and confuse you. I am offering you a partnership. The more we gather together, the stronger we become.

Affiliate Marketing Club is not just a website; it is a bunch of websites woven together to make every member stronger. Your business grows from the strength of the collective power that comes from each of us. Here you have an extension of your business website or YouTube videos. We can put our heads together to refine our marketing and we can profit from the variety of customers that come to our site.

Look at it this way. We have 4 different business models and each of us have to invest in; let’s say Google adwords. The one month campaign cost $400, that’s $1600 the four of us will spend. If we concentrate our campaign on all our businesses together and join forces, we save $300 each. Now we have to use adwords that relate to all of us, but the traffic will come and see the total site.

We can target one specific landing page one month and then switch to another members page the following month. The traffic will not only see the individual business, it will see all of us while they are here. This is what makes the club work.

Some of us will have better adword skills than others, we put our heads together and we can have far better chances of reaching the top of the paid add search ranking.

Each member has their own website inside the Club.

Each member shares the Shopping Center, News, Blog and Forum. Your post, your products and your videos all show up to those who visit the Club.

Isn’t it time you got more traffic for your business or Youtube videos?

Don’t wait around until you are ready to give up on your online business, take action now.

How much will you spend to keep struggling for more hits to your website?

The time for action is now; grab hold of the power in numbers and Join Us Today.