How Adwords Can Help Boost Your Ranking and Marketing

When setting up your adwords, think out of the box. Single words should be avoided, use two or three word phrases. The ranking will go up if you spend a little time using words that most other YouTubers fail to use.

Lets say your video is about cleaning shotguns. If I am searching to find out how to clean my shotgun and your add words are; Shotgun, cleaning, gun oil, safety, you will be on the bottom of the list. If you use; safe  shotgun cleaning, shotgun cleaning oils, rules for shogun cleaning, simple shotgun cleaning. I bet you climb much higher up the ladder. The more key phrases, the better.

The more phrases you can come up with that others are not using the better your standing will be. Be creative and look for synonyms with your right click on words. Take for instance cleaning rags; you could use wipes or pads. For me I would use all three in different phrases.

Now, check where you rank with your existing keywords, make changes and see how well it does for you.

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